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Native OpenSolaris Version of UniCluster Now Available, UniCloud Version Underway

Lisle, IL, Sept 8, 2009 — Univa UD, a leading provider of software solutions for enabling cloud computing environments, announced today the native OpenSolaris version of UniCluster, its leading HPC management product.

"Integration with the OpenSolaris Operating System (OS) will bring UniCluster capabilities to a vast new audience of users," says Gary Tyreman, senior vice president of products and alliances at Univa UD. "Univa is committed to providing the support needed across key end user software and systems such as the OpenSolaris OS to ensure technical computing customers have the capabilities they need."

UniCluster on the OpenSolaris OS provides a complete, fully integrated HPC cluster management stack for OpenSolaris. The product is functionally equivalent to the Linux version, increasing the attractiveness of the OpenSolaris OS among technical computing users. The product offers cluster installation directly from OpenSolaris repositories with configurable software profiles for cluster nodes. Installation and configuration is automatic, driven by Kits that are easy to use and streamline the process of implementation.

UniCluster for the OpenSolaris OS also offers broad scalability up to 5,000 compute nodes, further increasing applicability for large enterprise users.

"We are pleased to see the level of commitment that Univa is showing to the OpenSolaris software and its users," says Fritz Ferstl, Director Sun Grid Engine, Sun Microsystems. "Sun is working closely with Univa to ensure the success of the integrations and are fully supportive of this effort, which will bring an expanded level of HPC systems management functionality – and eventually cloud capabilities – to the OpenSolaris community."

UniCluster is Univa’s leading HPC systems management software product that provides a superior alternative to commercial cluster schedulers by integrating a range of technologies into a single, unified stack. Available for download at, UniCluster includes expanded systems management functionality that automates repetitive and homegrown administrative tasks, significantly reducing time to value and TCO for cluster owners.

To request information about the native OpenSolaris version of UniCluster, visit

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