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OneRiot Continues to Monetize the Realtime Web with Release of New API

2/18/10 - Posted by Courtney Walsh under OneRiot News

Today we’re excited to announce significant upgrades to our Realtime Search API. After opening it up to web developers back in June 2009, it has powered hundreds of millions of searches for a growing number of partners, including social messaging apps, browsers, mobile apps, large consumer websites and other search engines. Now we’re making it easy for developers to serve realtime search results and get paid at the same time with OneRiot’s API 2.0.

Our API 2.0 offers developers a wide range of updates, including:

  • RiotWise Ads - Any developer using the OneRiot search API will now also receive RiotWise ads for the realtime web. These are relevant to the search results returned by the API. Developers can choose to display them (and get paid) or not. Use of the API is free.
  • Domain search - This enables realtime search across a specific website or network. The Guardian was the first partner to experiment with this new functionality, launching their new “Zeitgeist” tool earlier this month.
  • Vertical search - Developers can choose to receive realtime results for specific verticals such as news, videos, and images.
  • Niche search - A range of niche verticals are also available, such as gadgets, politics and music.
  • Tweet format - Developers can now receive search results and ads formatted like a tweet – 140 characters, including a shortened URL. This is ideal for developers of Twitter and mobile applications working with limited real estate.

All of these changes and relevant documentation for API 2.0 can be found on the OneRiot Developer Network, which itself has just received an upgrade.