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Oxlo Announces Data Expansion for Individual Health Insurance Plan Pricing and Benefit Detail

BROOMFIELD, CO - February 16, 2011 - Oxlo Systems Inc., announces the expansion of Oxlo Health Insurance Insight Solution, the premier best of breed competitive business intelligence solution for Insurane Professionals. Oxlo Health Insurance Insight aggregation, monitoring and competitive business intelligence solution has increased demographic age band targeting by 100% yielding a more detailed comprehensive view of pricing in all 50 states.

"We have expanded our data aggregation and monitoring footprint to include a significant increase in demographic age bands based on feedback from customers. Widening the footprint allows our customers to cast a wider net with their competitive business intelligence analysis and provide a higher quantity and quality of target marketing and plan design insights to their marketing, pricing analysts and actuarial groups. Our competitive business intelligence offering now aggregates, monitors and trends millions of insurance plan pricing and benefit detail variants from over 70 insurers across the nation." - Eric Grace, Oxlo CTO

Oxlo Health Insurance Insight™, a software as a service offering, is used by Insurance Professionals in the United States for competitive business intelligence related to the growing individual health insurance plan market. The Oxlo Health Insurance Insight data and Web 2.0 portal services assist with strategic product direction, target market pricing analysis, historical pricing trends and detailed plan benefits analysis for competitive market intelligence efforts

The Oxlo Health Insurance Insight Solution aggregates, monitors, trends, and reports on individual new business health insurance plan details offered by over 70 insurers across all 50 states. Data is available for download by customers for offline analysis. Oxlo Web 2.0 portal services, executive dashboards, reporting services, dynamic drill down competitive intelligence, and Market Monitoring services expose important business intelligence insights to teams across the insurer enterprise.

Oxlo Systems Inc., based in Broomfield, Colorado offers solutions to businesses in Automotive, Financial services, Insurance and Healthcare. Oxlo is the operator of Oxlo Health Insurance Insight for the Insurance industry, a software as a service solution used by the top Insurers in the United States to support strategic competitive product analysis and business intelligence. Oxlo Systems operates the Open Dealer Integration Network (ODIN™) and Open Vehicle Finance Network (OVFN™) for the Automotive industry. Oxlo solutions enable robust collaboration between dealer system provider software, automaker retail integration systems, and lender finance systems and accelerate the adoption of STAR standards. The Oxlo networks transact global secure e-business over the Internet for over 1000 dealerships across seven countries.