Appian Ventures
The Appian Way
As a testament to the enormous value and opportunity that lie in connectivity, we borrow our name from the Appian Way. This ancient and enduring road connected Rome to the eastern reaches of its Empire.

Although constructed to transport Rome's military legions, the Appian Way's greatest significance was the spread of commerce and culture beyond the Roman Empire. Indeed, the Appian Way was the first information superhighway. And while commerce today may spread more in electronic packets than on cobbled stones, our greatest opportunity to create value still lies in innovation that enables the efficient use of shared information.

At Appian, we share the simple vision of connecting our investors, entrepreneurs, employees and communities with the joy of innovation. In the spirit of creating and fostering those connections, we value:
  • creativity sharpened by focus
  • passion pursued with awareness
  • communication enabled by openness and clarity
  • excellence achieved through contribution and collaboration
  • success measured by results and shared by all