Appian Ventures

If your software or technology enables Applied Connectivity for the business enterprise, Appian would like to explore the opportunity for an investment with you. In our whole-company analysis, we look for answers to several key questions such as:

Market: How does your technology enable Applied Connectivity? What big problem do you solve? What primary market are you targeting? Are there other potential markets? How big is the overall market potential? How does the competitive landscape look?

Team: Who are you, how did you come together and what excites you about this opportunity? What are your qualifications and experiences? How will you build out the team to optimize and accelerate your success? How have you worked with venture capital firms before? What industry Board members would be most helpful to you?

Strategy: What do your customers look like? What are your distinct competitive advantages? What do you think the most effective product marketing plan will be? What type of strategic or technology partners do you need? How much capital will you need? What are the key risks/challenges you will have to overcome? How and when do you envision creating a successful liquidity event?

Technology: How does your technology solve the big problem? What is your product development/expansion plan? What kinds of volumes and margins are reasonable to expect? Who are your early customers and what have they concluded about your technology.