Appian Ventures
Investment Strategy

Appian's primary goal is to help entrepreneurs sharpen their business focus and to connect them to industry resources that will help them accelerate their success. To achieve that goal, we approach portfolio investing with a balanced analysis of the entrepreneurial team, the technology, their strategy and the markets in which they compete.

This whole-company approach relies on a dynamic interaction between Appian's team and the entrepreneurial team. We hope to interact with the entire entrepreneurial team early in the process to gain a comprehensive appreciation for the company's vision. Our due diligence process involves thoughtful analysis of the target markets to develop a working thesis around the business opportunity, in addition to a disciplined and balanced assessment of the technology, team and strategy. The result is an objective evaluation of the business opportunity that facilitates successful investment syndication, spotlights the critical milestones throughout the company's lifecycle and identifies where Appian can connect resources.

Integral among these resources are Appian's Connectivity Partners, industry veterans who have extensive operational experience and are available to provide timely and practical counsel to entrepreneurs.